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A video clip is the standard product you can get at this platform. The majority of the clips is between 50 and 60 seconds long. The film clip can be a static, a panorama, an aerial view, or a zoom. Find the video properties being described in each individual product description.

FREE OF COST are the film clips provided in the FREE Test Download section and the trailer downloads in each individual product.

PAY for the film clips you put into your shopping cart. For private home use, the sales price indicated in the webshop is all you pay.



A longplay is a video film of a longer duration (up to a full hour) either of a particular location without interruption, or is a medley. A medley may contain (a)  one location, seen from diffferent angles or distances (i.e. a building), (b)  different attractions in an area (i.e. a city portrait) or (c) a collection of attractions from several places that can be summarized under a greater headline (like a fountain medley). In order to identify a made-to-measure video, all my longplays come with a 4 digit code in a lower corner.

FREE OF COST are my longplays with the above mentioned 4 digit code, plus with my www.film-felix.com domain name written on the film, in a substancial size and visible the entire duration (In order to get an impression, see the trailer downloads). However, you may pay for the data carrier, i.e. stick or DVD plus for the shipment.

PAY for a longplay as soon as you (a) get the longplay without my logo, (b) order different or additional text or a logo on the longplay, or (c) we agree upon the production of a taylormade longplay exclusively for you. In this case the customer may pay effort + expenses + data carrier + shipment. Depending on the subject, a cost share with other parties may be possible.



Private home use is the use for one private travel report, for one private birthday presentation, for one private screensaver, or equivalent. Film-Felix, as the copyright proprietor, has licensed the regular size video clips on this site for private home use. All other rights are reserved.

Any unauthorized copying, editing, exhibition, selling, renting, hiring, exchanging, lending, public performances, diffusion and/or broadcast, in whole or in part, is prohibited. Any such action establishes liability for a civil action and may give rise to criminal prosecution.

The sales prices in the REGULAR SIZE section are private home use prices. A customer who buys a product for the private use download price agrees to be considered a private person and thus being treated as such. For commercial use, please contact me from within the selected product. The Incoterm for download is EXW.



Commercial use is any use not covered by the private home use text above. For example, but not limited to:

–  for, in or on behalf of a commercial entity, an authority, a union, an association, an agency etc.
and related /chummy entities and affiliates thereof.

–  of reporters, authors, jornalists, bloggers, advertisers etc.
–  on websites, in stores/shops, on fairs and exhibitions
–  on workplaces, wating zones, lobbies, in cleanrooms
–  on airplanes, ships, submarines, oil rigs, in schools, hotels, shopping malls, clubs, coaches, hospitals, prisons, elevators, touchscreens, waiting zones, etc.

Unless otherwise agreed, the license for commercial use is given non-exclusively and non-transferable, for one purpose (i.e. for one campaign, or for one DVD, or for one website, etc. ) and for 365 days from the download day/delivery day. Deviations must be agreed upon in writing. Within commercial use, artistic alienation is allowed (as far as any third artist’s intellectual property rights stay unaffected); mixing/combining with other media is allowed; use of filmstills is allowed. Film-Felix has the right to refuse an order without justification.

By ordering and buying a commercial use data format, or by buying an explicitly declared commercial use product in the webshop, the customer accepts the commercial use terms. Any unauthorized copying, editing, exhibition, renting, selling, hiring, exchanging, lending, public performances, diffusion and/or broadcast, in whole or in part, is prohibited. Any such action establishes liability for a civil action and may give rise to criminal prosecution.

The sales prices in the UPRIGHT SIZE section are commercial use prices, the coditions above apply. A customer who buys a product for a commercial use price agrees to be considered a commercial customer and thus being treated as such.
The Incoterm for download is EXW. The Incoterm for shipment on data carrier is CPT.



Customer is the end user, may she/he purchase/pay herself/himself or may the purchase/payment be done by another party. The conditions for the customer apply for any other party in between, like for graphics, printers, agencies, advertisers, programmers, authors, etc.



Personal rights, intellectual property and commercial rights are to be protected by the customer, according to the laws in the country / state of use. Protection may be realised e.g. by covering or by pixelate / blurring. Film-Felix will not be held responsible for consequences in the case of violations.



The prices in the webshop are net prices. Taxes, fees, customs, cost for services, shipment, and for data carrier may add on. In doubt, contact me HERE



Although the webshop images are filmstills from the connected video (except for the soundtrack files, of course), there is no guarantee to find exactly the same persons, same equipment, or same scene on the video. A trailer film is a part of the connected video clip, the trailer must not necessarily be the start sequence of this video clip. In oder to prevent misuse, my trailer videos are being provided in a lower video quality than is the buy product.

Data format and resolution of the webshop images do not reflect data format and resolution of the connected video (Generally spoken, the video quality that you buy is better than the website image quality). The product image in the webshop, of course, can neither simulate a panorama nor a zoom. For all this, read the individual product descriptions.

Whatever your question may be – do not hesitate to contact me HERE

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