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What can I get here at this website?
When will I receive the download links?
What video formats can I download?
What does ZIP or “zipped” mean?
What is a filmstill?
What can I see in the 20 seconds video trailer?
Can I buy in the webshop from my location?

How does purchase in the webshop work?
Can I buy all products via webshop?
Will my currency be accepted?
Will I get a receipt?

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What can I get from this website and webshop?

Thousands of video clips, to be furter used by you. The video clips appear sorted by places or by categories. The videos come in 720p quality for private use  and in 1080p HD quality (50p or 50i) for commercial use. Image resolution and image size in the previews do not reflect the resolution nor the format of the video. For real size and full widths of the filmstill please click on the image in the particular product.


When will I receive the downloads?

Step 1. Collect and buy your favorite film footage in the shopping procedure.
A waiting time after your order may be necessary for the video files on the server to be checked and/or to upload some more. There can also be a waiting time while I am on film travel.

Step 2. Receive a brief confirmation email which repeats your purchase in detail.

And finally,
Step 3. Download from the product list in the second reply message. For each product you buy, 2 download attempts are allowed. The download period ends 9 days after the day of the download approval. All download files on my site are free of any other software, free of add-ons, plug-ins etc. They dont install any other software, links, icons, or tabs on your computer.


What video formats can I download?

FOR PRIVATE USE  a 720p MPEG or MPG video quality.

FOR COMMERCIAL USE at least one of the following formats:

(1) The M2TS format. Select this format when you run the latest software and/or when you use a Sony cam.
Here is an exemplary M2TS data sheet

(2) The MPEG or MPG format is a more universal video format, even older video software can often read it.
Here is an exemplary MPEG data sheet

(3) The AVI is an advanced video format, strong compression gives small file size.
Here is an exemplary AVI data sheet

(4) The MOV format is a quick time format with 480p, suits many mobile devices.
Here is an exemplary MOV data sheet

In order to find out what kind of video format suits you best please visit the FREE Test Download page and test the different data formats.


ZIPPED video files

“Zipping” has become a generic term for data compression.  In our case, “zipping” serves as a solid transport box for the video files. “Zipped” files carry the suffix “.zip” and need to be “unzipped” (decompressed) to reveal the video file. LEARN MORE HERE


What is a filmstill?

A Filmstill is a “frozen” frame from the video product. These images are no photographs as from a high speed shutter photo camera, so objects in move may appear as moving (depending on their speed or on the speed of the camera move).


What can I see in the video trailer?

Each video trailer presents a short sequence of the connected video product and is not necessarily the start sequence of the connected product. Other than in the FREE Test Download section, where you find different video data qualities, the regular trailers come as 480p MOV or as 720p MPEG/MPG.


Can I buy in the webshop from my location?

The Webshop serves purchase from customers in all states outside the European Union.



Buy your video clips by putting the videos of your choice into the shopping cart. Use the button “Add to cart”. There is a minimum webshop order of 2 products and a maximum of 10 products per order. All webshop orders less than 2 and more than 10 items  are being rerouted to the shop. For commercial orders, the film data will be on the way as soon as the agreed payment or compensation is confirmed. Paypal ist the payment provider of my choice. Paypal is secure with a 128-bit key.



Regrettably, I am not able to offer a wide range of currencies in my webshop. Prior to payment by Paypal, I recommend you have Euros on your Paypal account. Your local Paypal support can lead you through an internal money exchange on your account.



All orders shall receive a full, regular receipt as a PDF by email.  


Whatever your question may be – do not hesitate to contact me HERE