Vienna, St. Stephens 95178-2 Church Bell Soundtrack Free Download

The main bell of Stefansdom (St. Stephens Cathedral).


St. Stephens Pummerin sound_download


This is a 1 minute soundfile.
Original street sound, unmodified field recording.
MP3 data format, zipped. File size approx. 1,4 MB.


Vienna, Austria, in the Old Town “Innere Stadt”.

The sound of “Pummerin” in Stefansdom (St. Stephens Cathedral), one of the largest bells in Europe. The hanging bell body is being moved and hits the clapper that hangs within, unmoved. Pummerin rings only a few times a year.

A WAV soundfile (1 minute, approx. 20 MB) is available on request, please email me here.



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